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The Insighters is a Giant TV show, and also appears on The Spirit Realm Network, hosted by, The Soul Expert, Liz Throp, and Clarity Coach Amber Price. This is an unscripted show, featuring two of Canada's top Psychic Mediums, Liz and Amber, having insightful conversations about metaphysical topics as it relates to "Life as a Psychic Medium".

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The Insighters Giant TV Amber Price and Liz Throp


Crystal of the month club

This is the perfect gift for yourself, if you love Crystals already, or are interested in learning more about them. This is a great way to either start a collection or add to your existing one. Perhaps you have a friend or family member that is hard to buy for, then this is the unique gift you have been searching for, and it is gift that keeps on giving all year long!

Excellent for Christmas, birthday, anniversary, it is an all occasions gift. 

This membership does come with a very stern warning though, please read thoroughly before purchasing!

* Most people who join this membership become very addicted to it almost immediately, this membership has been known to cause members to hassle their postman for the month leading up to receiving their order asking repeatedly, “Do you have a package for me?”. This membership may cause those who belong to have profound bouts of joy and happiness for no apparent reason. Those who belong to this membership may experience out of body, or spiritual connections like never before. Finally, strong attachments to shiny things is often the case! The owners of “The Crystal of the Month Club" cannot be held liable for any of the above symptoms!

This membership offers the following once a month;

1 x Gemstone of the month, carefully chosen and infused with the highest vibration and intentions

1 x Gemstone explanation card

1 x Satin carry bag

1 x Extra gemstone sent on birthday month along with birthday card

1 x Facebook Live with Amber and Liz monthly talking ALL about Gemstones!

Monthly club price $15.99 includes shipping and handling (prices may vary on shipping for orders outside of Canada). In order to receive your delivery for the upcoming month, we require enrollment by the 15th of each month. Any enrollments after the 15th, will result in your order starting the month after. If you enroll for the year, you get one month free, total $175.88!

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