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Clarity | Connection | Consciousness

Amber Price - The Clarity Expert TM

Clarity Coach, Spiritual Educator, Speaker, Clarity Academy TM Spiritual Membership Site

Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards TM

Amber Price The Clarity Expert Intuition Development Coaching Program

You can only see what you are willing to see.

Amber Price - The Clarity Expert

Intuition Development Coaching is for you if...

  • You are ready to invest in exploring and enhancing your intuition
  • You are aware that there is a collective energy and want to explore your part in it
  • You are ready to understand how energy influences and affects your experiences
  • You are experiencing a spiritual awakening
  • You are ready for a deeper self-awareness
  • You are being compelled to explore your intuition
  • You are searching for more and the confidence to embrace life intuitively
  • You are seeking clarity to discover or affirm your life's purpose
  • You are done with mental burn-out and stress and are looking for balance and wellness
  • You are ready to design a life filled with conscious choices
  • You are ready to be yourself and attract authentic relationships and experiences

Achieve a higher state of consciousness by embracing an intuitive lifestyle, mindfully and intentionally.

Connect with your Higher Self and Spiritual Team to receive insight to help you make conscious choices that align to your purpose.

Create the life you want by embracing your divine energies and expanded awareness.

Are you ready to live an intuitive lifestyle to make 

conscious choices for more clarity? Don't hold back, let's do this!

Choose a program that will support your intuition development...

  • Individual Discover Session: One hour via telephone or Zoom (For individuals who would like a consultation or would like clarity on a specific experience related to intuition development)
  • 6 Month Individual Intuition Development Coaching Program: Total 12 one hour sessions via telephone or Zoom (For intuition development)
  • 12 Month Individual Intuition Development Coaching Program: Total 24 one hour sessions via telephone or Zoom (For intuition development)

Don't know where to start? Need some added support?

Get Amber's e-book 'Spiritual Journey Workbook'


Spiritual Journey Workbook

Amber has designed this 75 page printable workbook for you, so you have all the tools you need readily available, to help you uncover areas of growth, transformation, and enlightenment in your personal spiritual growth experience. 

  • Important Dates
  • Inspiration
  • Intention
  • Intuition: Childhood Experience
  • Mindfulness
  • Relationships
  • Belief Systems
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Gratitude
  • Intuition
  • Dreams
  • Spiritual Team
  • Quotes
  • Resources

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Amber Price The Clarity Expert Intuition Development Coaching

Why work with Amber...

Amber is one of Canada's Top Psychic Mediums, Spiritual Educator and Clarity Coach with years experience teaching people just like you to explore, understand and embrace intuition for more clarity!

Having the courage to go within to develop a deeper understanding of Self and connect with your Higher Consciousness is the key to living authentically, with clarity!

Don't wait any longer, let's do this!

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