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Amber Price - The Clarity Expert TM

Soul Coach, Psychic, Medium, Speaker, Clarity Academy TM Spiritual Membership Site

Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards TM

Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards

Awards to honour and acknowledge the spiritual successes of individuals and groups that continue to make an impact in the Canadian Spiritual community!

- Presented by Amber Price

Highlights: The Halos 2019 Featured Speakers & Performers

Highlights: The Halos 2019 Award Ceremony

Highlights: The Halos 2019 The Energy was Buzzing!

Spiritual Excellence Halo Award Categories- 2019 Winners

Amber Price Spiritual Excellence Halo Award:

To honour those that have worked diligently throughout the year to provide spiritual awareness and assistance in the community. This person is well-rounded in volunteering, fundraising, mentoring, and leading within our community. 

Nominations now closed, thank you!

2019 Psychic Halo Award:

To honour those that practice Psychic services, respectfully and ethically, to offer exemplary service to the community by using their Psychic abilities to deliver spiritual connections of foresight for spiritual and personal development.

Nominations now closed, thank you!

Coaching Professional Halo Award:

To honour those that inspire and coach those who wish to gain spiritual, personal or professional empowerment.

Nominations now closed, thank you!

Spiritual Artisan Halo Award:

To honour those that have been spiritually inspired to create art, such as; jewelry, paintings, woodwork, sculptures to name a few!

Nominations now closed, thank you!

Spiritual Hypnotherapy Practitioner Award:

To honour those that facilitate a safe hypnosis or regression to identify or heal patterns, learn more about one's self through the subconscious mind.

Nominations now closed, thank you!

2019 Medium Halo Award:

To honour those that practice Mediumship, respectfully and ethically, to offer exemplary service to the community by using their Medium abilities to deliver healing and validating spiritual connections.

Nominations now closed, thank you!

Finalists (In no particular order)

Julie Murray - Jewelz Psychic Medium

Liz Throp

Mary-Anne Kennedy 2019 WINNER

Vanessa Hurst 2019 WINNER

The Holistic Health Practitioner Halo Award:

To honour those that practice holistic health to promote peace and harmony with universal energies, healing of the body, mind, and spirit in areas such as: Reiki, Massage, Yoga, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Homeopathy, Osteopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine including Feng Shui and more.

Nominations now closed, thank you!

Spiritual Liaison Halo Award:

To honour individuals or groups that provide a Spiritual Liaison Service in order to promote and facilitate a Spiritual and Holistic Community to raise understanding and access.

This service can either support Spiritual and Holistic Practitioners or connect individuals searching for these Spiritual or Holistic services.

Nominations now closed, thank you!

Spiritual Writer/Composer Halo Award:

To honour those that have been spiritually inspirited to create writings or compositions, such as: poetry, books, blogs, music lyrics, instrumental music to name a few!

Nominations now closed, thank you!

Green Halo Award:

To honour those that have made the transition to enter into the Spiritual Profession in the last 2 years and have increasingly make a spiritual impact within their community through spiritual engagement and community involvement. 

Nominations now closed, thank you!

Featured Psychic Medium - Live Messaging Show!

Lynn Nicholls, Psychic Medium

Lynn Nicholls is a highly sought after Psychic Medium living in Niagara Falls, Canada. She has clients that span the globe. Lynn continues to sell out messaging shows for large audiences and does staff development workshops for large corporations! Her accurate insights and down-to-earth personality keep clients coming back. Lynn's specialty is connecting with the Other Side for wonderful reunions.

Lynn Nicholls will be sure to captivate the Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards audience this September, with her live messaging show, be sure to get your must-have ticket to this hot event!

Featured Performing Artist - Live Musical Performance!

Brad Battle, Recording Artist


Be sure to get your tickets to this red-hot event!

Brad Battle is no stranger to the Canadian Music Scene. He has performed continuously over the past several years at local establishments, festivals and events, building momentum along the way. With an ever-growing fan following and two 2017 Niagara Music Awards under his belt (Country Artist Of The Year and Songwriter Of The Year), and 5 more nominations in 2018, including winning Male Vocalist of the Year. Battle shows no signs of stopping.

Battle’s journey has been one filled with determination and inspiration. After he stepped away from music for awhile, it was his 8-year-old daughter’s question: “Can you still do music if you want to?”, that got him back into pursuing his passion and dreams. His debut EP, Always Easy, released in April 2017 and the single, “Hung Up” (co-written and produced with Dave (Dwave) Thomson – Lady Antebellum, Jessica Mitchell, Jason Benoit) added to Battle’s growing popularity. He has finished recording several new tunes with the help of award winning producer Bart McKay (Brett Kissel, Gord Bamford) and team of some of this country’s best studio musicians.

The new single is available Now!…

Featured Speakers

Mary-Anne Kennedy, Psychic Medium

Mary-Anne Kennedy is Internationally Acclaimed and one of Canada’s Top Psychic Mediums. She is a published author, accomplished spiritual educator, soul coach, and TV Personality. Featured as a guest and expert contributor with several television and radio shows, media publishings and consultations, Mary-Anne’s professional contributions to the metaphysical community are extensive. 

Speaking Topic: Mediumship

Lori Brant, The Happiness Coach

Lori is a Life Coach, Author, Spiritual Life Coach and Life Coach Trainer specializing in identifying and transforming limiting beliefs. She works to draw her client's inward to their natural state of peace, calm and happiness so they can live life from that centred space.Lori helps give a voice to a client's inner wisdom and invites it to speak loudly and boldly, assisting in the transformation of whatever is keeping them complacent or fearful and to create new empowering strategies to maintain a client's alignment with their true selves.Lori believes that the limiting beliefs that penetrate the deepest corners of our lives can be perceived differently so that our natural state of greatness can rise up and into our present day experience. Clients appreciate Lori's direct and powerful insight into what thoughts are keeping them stuck, what strategies are keeping them there and how to make long lasting permanent change.

Lori Brant works with clients one on one, in groups and facilitates a three day conference called, “Unleash Your Greatness,” in May each year.

Speaking Topic: Unleash Your Greatness

Tracy Kennedy, Empath, Keynote Speaker

Dr. Tracy Kennedy is an alumnus of Brock University, with a Masters in Sociology from York University, and a PhD in Sociology from the University of Toronto. Her education in Sociology, Cultural Studies, Classics, Literature, and Art & Architecture, stemmed from an early interest in people, what they are all about, and their life experiences.

Tracy is an Empath, Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Registered Yoga Teacher, Published Author, Public Speaker, and owner of The Spiritual Spa and Shiva Gian Yoga in Niagara Falls, Canada. Tracy provides insight and guidance using her Empathic abilities, and has been reaching out and teaching Empaths how to use their gifts and abilities for many years.

Keynote Talk:

#ifeelyou Living as an Empath

Tracy will offer some insights from her upcoming book about living as an Empath. Rather than perceiving the 'gift of feeling' as a burden or something that should be hidden or numbed, Tracy will share what can Empaths do with their ability to feel and emote so deeply, and how to create and manifest a life of joy, peace, harmony, and love.


Facebook: @DrTracyKennedy

Instagram: tkempath

Join Us Saturday October 3, 2020!

2020 Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards Event will host some of the world's best Spiritual professionals, all at one event! Special Featured Speakers will share their unique insights to those in attendance while we enjoy a semi-formal evening of spiritual enlightenment, musical entertainment, dining and award presentations.

Tickets on Sale Soon!

Come back soon for more details

Saturday October 3, 2020

Venue details will be announced shortly!