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Amber Price - The Clarity Expert TM

Soul Coach, Psychic, Medium, Speaker, Clarity Academy TM Spiritual Membership Site

Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards TM

Events Hosted by Amber

Spiritual Excellence Halo Gala 2020

To honour and acknowledge the spiritual successes of individuals and groups that continue to make an impact in the Canadian Spiritual Community - Presented by Amber Price. Dinner gala with musical entertainment, live psychic medium messaging show, Featured Speakers sharing wisdom on spiritual topics, door prizes. This semi-formal dinner gala is open to everyone, anyone who is interested in an evening of wisdom and messages from some of the world's finest Spiritual Professionals. Tickets are limited to this V.I.P. event!

When: Saturday October 2, 2021


"Amber" Member-Only Events!

The 2020 Canadian Mediumship Summit™ is an ONLINE gathering of Canada’s top mediums and spiritual educators, bringing together students from across the globe. This exclusive and unique learning experience is a convergence of the best mediumship techniques, strategies, and approaches to personal growth to assist in the development and refinement of spirit communication. Designed for students and new professionals to the craft, the Summit offers one night and one day of breakthrough, boundary-busting learning and experiences with spirit.

🦋 Friday October 16th, 7-9pm EST: A Live Group Discussion and Gallery Reading online Via Zoom for all participants

🦋 Saturday October 17th, 9-5pm EST: 6 Individual Workshops/Learning Sessions online Via Zoom, with breaks in between as well as lunch

Upon completion, all participants will receive their Certificate of Completion from the Canadian Mediumship Summit™!

The 2020 Canadian Mediumship Summit™ features Mary-Anne Kennedy, Amber Price, Jay Lane, Lisa Scrivens, Liz Throp, and Jackie Dennison.

You won’t want to miss out on this incredible gathering of the best of the best in Canada. Advance ticket pricing: $189 CDN until September 25 at which time regular fee applies $249. Get your tickets NOW before they’re gone. Upon registration, participants will be emailed detailed login information and advanced information.

Meet your Facilitators:

Mary-Anne Kennedy is Internationally Acclaimed, award-winning, and one of Canada’s Top Psychic Mediums. She is the published author of “How to Become a Medium: A Step-by-Step Guide to Connecting with the Other Side” a spiritual educator, soul-based coach, and TV Personality, starring in Ghosts of Dufferin County & Beyond, now going into its third season. Featured as a guest and expert contributor with several television and radio productions, media publishings and consultations, Mary-Anne’s professional contributions to the metaphysical community are extensive. Founder of the School of Mediumship & Spiritual Studies, Mary-Anne’s distinguished teaching style makes it easy to understand how the spirit world works, and what you need to do to develop your connection with it. Mary-Anne also contributes her time and talents to various charity events each year, establishing healing connections to the spirit world with compelling accuracy and power.

Amber Price is an International Psychic Medium, and Soul Coach. Also, the Founder and Host of the “Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards”, a gala to honour and acknowledge the spiritual successes of those who make an impact in the spiritual community. Amber is the Co-Host of Giant TV’s “The Insighters, Author of ‘Spiritual Journey e-Workbook’, and has been featured as an expert on radio, t.v., and appeared at conferences/events as a Speaker. Amber is the Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer for “The Clarity Academy” and “The Sapphire Association”.

Since the age of three, Lisa Scrivens has been seeing and hearing Spirit. She became aware that it is her life purpose to share the messages of love and hope from the afterlife in 2012 after she had a visit from her grandmother from Heaven. Since then, Lisa has toured across Canada selling out events and currently has a waitlist of 6,000 people. She has been a keynote presenter at the I Am Festival in Manitoba, as well as the Mark and Mandy Show, and has been featured in Focus Manitoba on Global TV. She has a weekly online broadcast on Facebook called “Message Monday” where she shares messages from Heaven with hundreds of people. Lisa has been called to volunteer with terminal cancer patients providing different modalities of healing on a weekly basis. She supports her community by giving away services and by donating to fundraisers that help raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for those in need. Lisa is sincerely humbled by her gift and enjoys inspiring and teaching others to connect to their own guides and intuition so that they too may experience a more connected life on their path of growth and change.

Liz Throp is an award-winning Psychic Medium, and Life Coach. Also, the Host of Giant TV’s “The Gifted Onez”and Co-Host of Giant TV’s The Insighters. Liz has also been featured as an expert, on radio, t.v., and appeared at conferences/events as a public speaker. Founder and Chief Intuition Officer of “The Good Vibe Tribe”, an online membership. Liz is the Co-President of “Psychic Kids United Inc.”, offering online support to psychic kids and their families as they develop their abilities through the ‘Psychic Kids United Academy’.

Internationally renowned and “Canada’s Rising Star” Psychic Medium, Jay Lane is sought after on a daily basis from her long list of celebrity A-List clientele and individuals from all over the world. Acclaimed for her accuracy, honesty and readiness to tell it like it is, Jay Lane has addressed audiences of thousands with her concise, inspirational, motivational and jaw dropping details from the spirit world.Jay has sold out every major live event she has ever performed over the past 6 years with her innately “Infectious” spirit. Jay’s warm, compassionate and charismatic energy captivates crowds of all ages. She has hosted and been a guest on numerous top radio shows and has appeared on multiple TV shows. Jay has released her first ebook “Dying to Know: Answers on Death & the Afterlife” and has released a limited edition of her Infinity Oracle cards. Jay Lane’s ‘Spirit with Spirit’ series is presently under development and she is getting ready to tour the US in the very near future.

Jackie Dennison is an International Clairvoyant Medium, Psychic Artist, Tutor & Past Life Regression Therapist. She has been consciously working with spirit for many years bringing comfort, guidance and insight to clients and students alike. Jackie has been the resident Medium on the popular and successful TV show ‘Rescue Mediums’ since it began in 2005 which airs around the world, and has completed 7 seasons so far. In the first 3 seasons Jackie worked alongside Christine Hamlett and for the last 4 seasons with Alison Wynne-Ryder. Jackie has appeared on a variety of TV programmes. She has been interviewed on radio broadcasts in various parts of the UK, Canada & USA and featured in numerous local, national and international newspapers and magazines. She is co-author of ‘A House with Spirit’, a local history book with a difference, and is a regular feature writer and psychic artist for ‘Supernatural Magazine’ and in a variety of published magazines. She is currently writing a factual book on psychic development and rescue work and working on a deck of Oracle cards featuring her psychic art. Jackie is co-owner of Feathers Academy of Clairvoyance & Holistic Therapies, where she offers one to one clairvoyant & spirit guide readings, past life regressions, auric healing, ascended master healing , psychic awareness and development classes. She also runs workshops in various parts of the world covering many topics to enhance and encourage personal, spiritual and psychic growth.

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