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Clarity | Connection | Consciousness

Amber Price - The Clarity Expert TM

Clarity Coach, Spiritual Educator, Speaker, Clarity Academy TM Spiritual Membership Site

Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards TM

She believed she could, so she did.

R.S. Grey

Join today! How to Become a Member

Amber Price The Clarity Expert Clarity Academy

Becoming a member of the Clarity Academy is an easy process, you can enroll and start learning and taking advantage of educational resources immediately!

  • Review membership guidelines , disclaimer and benefits
  • Choose your payment frequency by clicking on the options/images below (one time payment, 3 monthly payments or 12 monthly payments) you will be redirected to complete your registration via the secure online membership portal
  • Upon enrollment, you will receive email prompts with all of the information and login information you need to start taking advantage of the spiritual membership site today!

  • Login information you need to start taking advantage of the spiritual membership site today!
  • Connect with Amber on her social media platforms for the most inclusive experience
  • Once you have followed/liked the above social media platforms, send a request to the “Clarity Academy” group on Facebook, you will then be added to this exclusive group to start your spiritual growth journey with the Clarity Academy!


Amber Price The Clarity Expert Clarity Academy

Special Note:

Memberships are lifetime access, join anytime! Memberships are limited and exclusive, so Amber can have quality experiences with members. Please review membership guidelines and disclaimer prior to enrolling in Clarity Academy membership, enrollment in membership indicates you agree to these terms. Fees may be subject to change without prior notification. All membership sales final due to the nature of the membership, no refunds after purchase. If installment payments are chosen and you withdrawal before the tuition has been paid in full your membership access will be removed. Taxes will be applied in accordance with Federal and Provincial tax laws.