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How to Distinguish Between Ego & Higher Self Intuition

Posted on 5 May, 2020 at 10:00

How to Distinguish Between Ego &Higher Self Intuition

What is Higher Self?

The Higher Self is a part of you, not separate from you. It is the part of you that sees, feels, and knows the highest level of wisdom that your soul and physical being needs to exist at the highest level of authenticity: your consciousness.


The Higher Self provides insight, usually expressed as a 'gut feeling', that is clear and succinct and provides you with the overwhelming urge to act immediately, without fear or worry, just a sense of peace and clarity.


What is Ego?


The Ego is your belief system about what you think your identity is. It is not your authentic self but rather what you believe yourself to be.


Your ego evolves, as you change! Your ego is the part of you that believes you are worthy. The belief that “I am not good enough to be loved” or “I am not experienced enough to apply for that job” or "I am too old to wear a bikini" or "No one else could do better than I do" etc.


Ego looks at areas of your life and formulates a limiting belief, based on how the ego perceives you, even if it is not valid and creates a long list of reasons to validate these beliefs. The Ego may create and react to low vibration energies such as fear or anger.


Is It Ego or Higher Self Intuition?


We are often faced with having to make choices in life and sometimes we are confused by the thoughts that flow through our mind. Next time you need clarity, use this quick checklist to help you with deeper awareness, is this Ego of Higher Self Intuition!

Higher Self Intuition Checklist



  • Do you feel that the message provides empathy and compassion for all the people involved, including yourself?
  • Do you feel calm and peace about the message you received?
  • Do you feel that this message came loud and clear, even while the energy around you felt unbalanced and emotionally chaotic?
  • Do you feel you allowed yourself time to act on this message, while not in a state of anger?
  • Did you receive one clear message, without any justification for this sole reason?
  • Do you feel the message provided a compromise for all the people involved?
  • Do you feel compelled to follow the guidance of this message, or have a knowing that it is the right thing to do?


Ego-based Message Checklist



  • Do you feel the need to ask others for their opinion, to feel they understand?
  • Do you feel the need to share this situation with a lot of people or post on social media?
  • Do you feel that you received multiple messages with many overwhelming options?
  • Do you feel you made a decision based on anger or spite?
  • Do you feel you made a snap decision 'in the moment' when you are visibly angry?
  • Did you feel sad, lost, withdrawn, unfulfilled or anxious after making this choice?
  • Do you feel remorse, or have a nagging 'gut feeling', that you should correct your actions but ignore this message and continue on?
  • Do you feel that there is only choice, and it is to remove yourself from a challenging situation, there is no option to work this out?
  • Do you feel this message offered a good outcome for you, but not others involved?
  • Did you feel 'on top of the world' or powerful by making this choice?

It takes practice to distinguish between the Ego and Higher Self insight but, trust the process and learn from your choices between the two types of messages. The more experience you have, the easier it will become to discern between the Ego or Higher Self insight!


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