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5 Day Clarity Challenge by Amber Price

5 Day Clarity Challenge

Take on this 5 Day Clarity Challenge! As you embark on this experience, your desire to delve deeper into your consciousness will become even more powerful. You will discover what your spiritual needs are, and how much of an impact it creates for your overall well-being.

I've designed this 5 Day Clarity Challenge' for you, so you have the tools readily available, to help you start to uncover the areas of growth, transformation, and enlightenment in your personal experience. 

As you navigate through this workbook you will be challenged to consider what experiences have shaped you, and what more you can do to go within for more clarity, to receive personal insight.

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30 Day Mindfulness Exercise Amber Price

30 Days of Mindfulness

Try one mindfulness activity each day for 30 days and identify what exercise works the best for you! This workbook will help you reflect within for a deeper understanding of yourself. Mindfulness brings awareness to the moment, without judgment, take notice of what your see, hear, feel, sense, taste, smell etc. Mindfulness helps you find clarity, develop a deeper self-awareness and promotes wellness.

Download Free Mindfulness Workbook

Journal Finding Clarity by Amber Price The Clarity Expert

Journal: Finding Clarity

This e-journal is an excellent tool for you to find clarity on your journey, track your progress, highlight great ideas or thoughts, celebrate your successes, learn from challenges, set goals, manage and release your energy, find insight, and align to a lifestyle of wellness.

Download Free Clarity Journal

Guided Meditations Amber Price

Guided Meditations

Bring awareness to your breath as you relax your body, mind and soul to meditate using Amber's guided meditations. Guided meditations help you bring focus to the moment, expand your self-awareness, notice your body, mind soul connection or insights and promote mindful living.

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